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Earth, also known as Terra, is the home-planet of the Human race, and the seat of P-Fleet in both timelines.


Standard Earth history applies up to the beginning of the XXth century. In 1914, World War I begins, and lasts until 1919. After the war, the League of Nations is formed, whose purpose is to prevent future wars. However, several years later, in 1937, World War II starts, and lasts until 1945. The League of Nations is replaced by the United Nations, in hopes that world peace will finally be established, but in the same year, the Cold War between the USSR and the USA begins. Three years later, Karl-August Fagerholm is elected Prime Minister of Finland, and through his vision of colonization of Alpha Centauri, the Space Race begins. The 1950's see the emergence of Rock'n'Roll music, which becomes a highly popular genre. In 1961, the first human is sent to space, and eight years later, humanity lands on the moon. Several years into the future, in 1999, following Jeff Cochbrane's historical concert at Woodstock, humanity makes first contact with an alien race - the Vulgars - who were attracted to the music. This led to the establishment of Human-Vulgar diplomatic and economic relations, and the subsequent ban of live music performances. The following years, see the development of Earth and its technology. Several more wars take place, humans reach Alpha Centauri, global peace organizations come and go, until finally, P-Republic is established. In 2219, P-Fleet performs a military coup on P-Republic, which resuls in a military dictatorship, which ends only in 2336. In between these events, Earth's seat of political power travels to and from Earth, but is eventually brought back. By the time of Space War XXXIV, humanity entered a begrudging peace with the Plingon Empire, but is still at war with the Ladrassians. In 2363, James B. Pirk assumes command of the USS Kickstart, has several conflicts with renegade Plingons, and is even sent as representative to the mysterious and powerful Zarquons. In 2369, the Korg attempt to invade Earth. Most of the P-Fleet is decimated. After the battle in Earth's orbit against the Korg, the CPP Kickstart disappears mysteriously, never to be heard from again. What remains of the United Stars attempts to establish an indefinite cease-fire with its neighbors in order to fight off the Korg.

Alternate Timeline[edit]

Despite the fact that Pirk, Dwarf, and Info thwarted the Korg plan, in the alternate timeline, the Vugars did not share spacefaring technology with humanity, prefering to instead party with Jeffrey Cochbrane. This forced Pirk, Info, and Dwarf to rebuild the P-Fleet by themselves. They had learned that Cochbrane sold the Vulgars' ship to the Russians, so they followed it. After taking over the Tsanistanian research center, they began building a new Kickstart. Once the ship was ready, Pirk introduced himself to Russian president Vladimir Ulyanov, and the two made an alliance to bring peace and prosperity to the world.

With Info's technological knowledge, and Ulyanov's resources and military, Pirk began a conquest of Earth, eventually unifying it under his, and President Ulyanov's joint rule. As the conquest was over, Pirk double-crossed Ulyanov, and executed him. He then pooled Earth's resources into creating the P-Fleet, and building a space citadel. He also made Finnish/ Suomi the official Earth language, much to the dismay of the majority of the planet's population, and rebuilt various historical monuments that were destroyed during his conquest.

At some point, P-Fleet began testing a new type of twistdrive. Initially, the testing procedure went well, until unforseen complications happened. Once C.P.P Twister-1 finally returned, it was followed by the Dramakulian Empire's fleet. A battle ensued, and following an intense dogfight, the Dramakulians were defeated.

As Emperor Pirk kept spending all money and resources on the P-Fleet, Earth's population began to revolt. Pirk moved out to live on the citadel. After P-Fleet discovered, and entered a maggot hole leading to a parallel universe, one or more unknown events transpired, with the debris of Pirk's citadel still orbitting the planet.

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