Star Wreck

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Star Wreck
Title screen
Basic information
Series: Original series
Episode: 1
Air date: 1992
Writer: Samuli Torssonen
Director: Samuli Torssonen
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Star Wreck 1 (originally Star Wreck) is the first episode of the Star Wreck series. It was created by Samuli Torssonen in 1992, using Deluxe Paint Animation, parodying Star Trek.


The USS Kickstart receives a distress call from the USS Excessive which is attacked by the Plingons. The Kickstart makes its way to Earth, to assist the Excessive. The P-Fleet ships destroy the attackers, and fly off.



In 2006, the first five episodes of Star Wreck were re-released on DVD as Star Wreck: Legacy. The re-release features new, original music, as well as some other changes. The DVD can be bought at the online store.