USS Excessive

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CPP Excelsseri
USS Excessive
Production information
Model: Cruiser
Technical specifications
Engine(s): Two twist-engines
  • Twinklers
  • Light ball launch bay
Communication system: P-Fleet comm. system
Role: Battleship
Affiliation: P-Republic - P-Fleet
Captain: Unidentified captain
Crewmembers: Unspecified others.

USS Excessive (Finn. USS Exelsseri) is a P-Fleet cruiser orbiting Earth until it came under attack by a renegade flotilla of Plingon warships, and saved by the USS Kickstart.


The Excessive is a P-Fleet cruiser outfitted with standard light balls, twinkers, and deflector plates.

Service Record[edit]

Nothing much is known about the Excessive other than that it was stationed to orbit Earth before being attacked by a small Plingon fleet. After a difficult battle, it sustained heavy damage, but nonetheless, survived. It is unknown if it was repaired, and remained with the fleet, or decommissioned due to damage.


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